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Please complete the following application to volunteer, please call us at (845) 831-4321 or send us an email at

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By submitting this application below, you agree to the following:

This shelter harbors animals, which have been either victims of abuse or caught in the wild. As a result, not all animals present in this shelter are friendly and safe. There is always a chance that you, as a volunteer or visitor to this premise, will incur an injury in the form of a bite or scratch. We cannot predict the behavior of any animal in this shelter and precautions should be taken accordingly.

Present in this shelter are cleaning chemicals, medications, equipment and other items that may not be safe if used incorrectly. If you have questions about the appropriate use of these items, or would like to use these items, you may see any member of the staff. Other hazards include wet floors, exposure to fecal matter and lifting of heavy items. Precautions should be taken accordingly. Pregnant women should not volunteer.

Mid Hudson Animal Aid reserves the sole right to represent our organization. You may not speak to any person on behalf of Mid Hudson Animal Aid without prior approval from our board of directors. This includes taking items to press, interviews or any other release of information, including information about finances, operating procedures, and staff. If you have an item you wish to share, you may put it in writing for consideration or approval at our monthly board meeting.

Animal shelters may harbor illnesses that are communicable to you or your pets. We advise that after you volunteer, you change your clothes and shower before handling your family pets. Mid Hudson Animal Aid is not responsible for any illness acquired by you, your family members or your pets while volunteering.

As a volunteer or visitor, you agree by submitting this application below not to hold Mid Hudson Animal Aid liable for any injury or illness incurred at the shelter. You agree to not release any information to anyone as a representative of our organization.

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If you are under the age of 16 years old, your parent or guardian will need to accompany you to the shelter and sign this application as well.

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