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Welcoming your Cat Home

The staff at Mid Hudson Animal Aid will help you through your new cat’s transition and make sure that both you and your new friend are comfortable. Feel free to bring us any questions you might have.

To welcome your cat into your home, you will need a litter pan, litter, cat food, and some cat toys. If you have other pets, keep them away from your new cat until he or she gets used to the new surroundings. Don’t be worried if your new family member hides under the bed for a few days; that’s normal. Soon, he or she will be wandering around and checking out the new environment – and find the best places to sleep and bask in the sun!

Tips for integrating your new cat into your household:

– Keep your new cat in a separate room for a few days

– Let your pets and the new cat sniff each other while on opposite sides of the door; this gives them a chance to get used to each others scents

– Take an item from the new cats room and place it in your house where your other pets   reside, and vice versa – this gives them another opportunity to become comfortable with each others scents

– Let your new cat out to explore for short periods of time with supervision

Feel free to call the shelter with any questions about your new best friend!

Wolfgang at his forever home after being adopted at MHAA!