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Volunteer Opportunities

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There are two types of volunteer activities:  in-shelter and off-site.

In-shelter Activities

There are many tasks within the shelter that must be done on a daily basis.

Volunteers help clean the shelter, do laundry, care for the cats and socialize the cats. Additionally, there is gardening work and painting, on an as needed basis. When you socialize and care for the animals, you help to make their stay here more enjoyable which will help make the animals happier and more appealing to adopters.

Volunteers are welcome on a regular schedule or whenever available even if only for a few hours. Help is needed most from 9:00 a.m. to noon, prior to the opening to the public when we clean the shelter and feed the cats. There are also things to do in the afternoon hours.

Off-site Activities

In addition to the in-shelter activities, there are many opportunities to support MHAA outside of the shelter. Various committees made up of volunteers manage the planning of off-site activities. You can join a committee or simply volunteer your time supporting a particular activity or program as follows.

Advertising Committee. This committee focuses on advertising opportunities for the shelter, including radio, print media, online, signage – or any other form of advertising.

Board of Directors. We are currently seeking new board members. There are criteria you must meet to be on the board, including being active with fundraising.

Business Sponsorships Committee. This committee focuses on developing a network of business relationships that off-set costs of shelter events, provides a wider market for advertising/brand recognition, and generates potential new funding options.

Feral Socialization Committee. This committee manages the Feral Friends program, which aims to reduce the feral population in the shelter by promoting, training, educating and mentoring staff, volunteers and the public about the program, fostering and adoption.

Food and Litter Drives Committee. This committee does outreach events for donations of cat food, litter and supplies to help offset shelter costs.

Fostering Cats. We often need to temporarily foster cats and kittens in homes for a variety of reasons. This could be for a few days up to a few weeks, depending on the situation. If you are interested in fostering one of our animals, please contact our Shelter Manager at

Fundraising Committee.  The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of events. Events are ongoing and could include activities such as tournaments (e.g. golf, volleyball), an auction, penny social, bake sales, online events and more., bake sales,and other events. The committee welcomes new ideas, and the talent and enthusiasm of volunteers to prepare and staff events. Inquiries may be sent to:

Grant Committee. The purpose of this committee is to seek out, submit proposals for, and handle any reporting pertaining to grants that assist with various costs and/or programs at the shelter.

Newsletter Committee. We have a newsletter that comes out quarterly that requires writing articles about our cats and shelter happenings.

Offsite Pet Adoption Events.  We hold events at various pet stores, local festivals and other places where we set up an “expo” table and bring some cats that are available for adoption.  Volunteers are required to attend a special training program in order to handle the cats at these events.

Social Media Committee (including photography): The Social Media Committee manages our social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website, as well as marketing materials, e.g., brochures, posters, marketing/ads, press releases, writing articles for publication and more. We have several volunteers who help take pictures and videos of the cats for, as well as for our marketing materials. New photographers are always welcome. If you have web skills and want to help us maintain the content on the website, let us know.

Safety and Maintenance Committee. Our building often needs light maintenance.  If you have any type of skills such as painting or yard work, your help would be very much appreciated!

Volunteer Committee. This committee solicits new volunteers and manages the volunteer program.

There are just so many fun ways to get involved with us, either in the shelter or outside the shelter, but it’s all for the shelter and the cats we find homes for.

You’ll feel good for helping us. Fill out an application today!