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We receive numerous letters of gratitude and appreciate for our work and our mission.  We'd like to share some of these heartfelt letters with you. 


 These letters inspire us to do even more and warm our hearts on those tough days.



 Letter from the Peters Family - March 2010 

  Letter from the Izzo Family (garcon)  AUgust 2010






Update on Blueberry:

 I just wanted to give you an update and send a few more pictures ofblueberry pretty
Blueberry.  She is now over 6 pounds, and still eating like a champion!  It
feels so good to pet her and not feel her bumpy spine, and to see her
grooming herself after each meal, making herself look pretty.  We are so
happy that she continues to get braver and more relaxed.
  The best thing was the night I went into the living room after hearing
noises and found her playing with cat toys and pouncing all over the place
with our other two cats.  She seems to really be learning what it is like
to have a home and to relax and have fun.  It’s adorable to see her watch
the other cats with their toys and then copy what they are doing.
  We hope you enjoyed hearing about her progress!  Feel free to pass these
photos and info along to anyone who might be interested.

-Amy and Mark






  Ron  a.k.a "The Turkey"  ron1



 This is "The Turkey", formally known as Ron.  Since we have last wrote into Mid-Hudson Animal Aid, Turkey has come to trust people and is no longer skittish or temperamental. When we first met him at MHAA, he was adorable and friendly one moment, and wanted  nothing to do with us the next.  Turkey has become a soft food loving, sibling chasing, insect eating -overgrown kitten.  In some of the photos you will notice
the blue striped chair which he has called his own and covered with his turkey "feathers".  In fact, his favorite pastime is sleeping around the neck of whoever may be sitting in his blue chair.  He is a great kitty and we enjoy him very much.  It just goes to show that a cat that had been returned twice, can learn to love and trust people again.
Thanks again, Tim & Jenna Swetland 






 Daphne:             daphne




Hi, I'm Eric and I adopted Daphne, a female grey tiger/marbled adult, back in May. Just wanted to say that she's doing fine and seems very happy. She got along great with our older male Bengal Batty, but sadly he has
since passed away (he was nearly 18½). Having Daphne made both myself & Batty feel a lot better during his final days.

Anyway, since it seemed that everyone there really liked Daphne (she was the one that got adopted but returned by a family due to allergies) I've
attach some photos of her. Thanks again. 



Gregory  and Butterfinger


Just wanted to give you an update on our two cats that we adopted from yougregory
earlier this year. Both Gregory and Butterfinger (Fritz) are doing well in
there new home! Both are very playful and are like brothers to each other.
They are inseparable! They spend about 2-3 hours outside each day and love
roaming around our property. We attached a photo of both of them at the
door ready to start there day outside.

Thanks so much again for all your efforts. 

Roger & Linda Hoffmann




Dipsy is now almost 8 pounds.  He is sure that he's the most dipsyhandsome kitty
in world and wishes all a joyous holiday season

Richard P. Herman DDS PC


Cairo  (Dec 2010)


Cairo is such  a sweetheart!  My husband never considered himself a            "cat person" until he met Cairo. It's hard to believe so much love comes   from such a little girl!Thank so much for allowing us to adopt her.









Happy Holidays!

I wanted to send an update on Linus, formerly known as "Pumbaa" at the Cat linus
Sanctuary. I adopted Linus in May of 2009, and he is doing absolutely
beautifully. He has brightened my life and home so much, and is such a
pleasure to have around. He curls up on the couch and our green chair, and
runs into the kitchen and follows me around anytime a can is opened because he thinks it's time for food. I've attached some photos of him, so you can see how well he's doing.

I loved the Cat Sanctuary, it is such a wonderful organization and I had such a great adoption experience with you all. Thank you for everything you  do, and happy holidays to you all!

Sincerely, Staci Newcomb







Hi All,  Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Canterbury while hecantebury
waited adoption.  He's such a beautiful, sweet cat - everything I was
looking for in a companion for myself and my two feral females.  He is
respectfully working his way into their affections as you can see.  He is
so well mannered with them as they get to know him and a complete purring mush with me.  I can't believe no one adopted him earlier, though that has been my good fortune.
  Thank you so much for all of your hard work.    Chris
                Beacon, NY


Big Jay and Fig


Hi everyone!
Just wanted to give an update on Big Jay and Fig (who we call Ava:). They
have made our family so happy! Jay loves to sleep at night with our older
son and is loved by all who enter our home. Ava has gradually become more
outgoing and enjoys chasing her toys up and down our hallway. She is my
"mama's girl" and sleeps with me at night and loves to snuggle.  The
kitties are very playful with one another and are good at catching a nap on
a convenient lap or in a sunbeam when the mood strikes. They have brought
so much joy to our home after losing our two older kitties, Toby & Sera, to
illnesses over the last 3 years. We feel so blessed to have them in our
Thank you all again for being there for these sweet cats. We can't imagine
our life without them and it feels like they have been with us always.
Angela McLaughlin

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