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Kitten AdoptionWe have so many beautiful cats waiting for a warm, loving home. Adopting one is easy! 

1.  First, think about your needs. Would you like a frisky, playful kitten, or a more demure older cat? Are there young children in your household, or other pets? Kittens may not be appropriate for a family with very young children.

 2. Next, browse our web site to see if any cats strike your fancy. If so, you can call us at (845) 831-4321 for more information on that particular cat. But if not, don’t worry. We have plenty of felines in all shapes and sizes to choose from.

 3. Then, visit our shelter to pick out your special someone. We’re open from noon to 4 p.m. every day. Spend some time looking around. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, pet and talk to each one. Veterinarians recommend that you pay more attention to personality than looks. Don’t overlook a seemingly shy cat. With a little coaxing, these timid creatures will bond with you and be a friend for life.

 4. Once you’ve made your selection, fill out an adoption application, (also available at the shelter).  You’ll need to provide the name of your vet if you’ve had pet previously, and the names, addresses and phone numbers of two references. The adoption fee is $125 per cat ($100 for a special needs cat), or $165 per kitten and includes all shots and spaying. 

5. It’ll take us a few days to check your references and give your cat one final medical check-up. We’ll call you to make an appointment to come in and pick up your new sweetie. Please bring a cat carrier.!

6. Stock your home with a litter pan, litter and cat food. If you have other pets, keep them away from your new cat until she gets used to her surroundings. Don’t be worried if you new family member hides under the bed for a few days; that’s normal. Soon she’ll be wandering around like she owns the place—and you’ll have a new best friend.

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