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We at Mid Hudson Animal Aid would like to express our appreciation and
gratitude to the following sponsors of a cat at our sanctuary.

If you would like to join our growing family of sponsors, please
contact us at (845) 831-4321.

Priscilla Wheeler - Weezer's Sponsor Weezer   Ben  Levi Campbell - Ben's Sponsor

Unicast through Caleb Hill - Edward's Sponsor Edward  Kenny Nature's Pantry - Kenny's Sponsor

Sue Willard - Bridget's Sponsor Bridget  Gypsy Susan Palamarczuk - Gypsy's Sponsor

Nancy Montague- Lenny's Sponsor Lenny

Jean Burnett- Tuesday's Sponsor


Kitty Kompanion Cat Sponsorship Program- Individual Sponsorship

As a no-kill shelter many of our animals, including ones that are feral, have feline aids or feline lukemia, may be here for a longer term and have often come to us from abusive or desperate living conditions.  Some  require significant medical treatment and support.  Our veterinary costs are high. as are the costs of food, litter, medications, spay/neuter assistance, supplies and facilities upkeep.   

By sponsoring a cat through  the Kitty Kompanion Program you help support one of these animals.  With this sponsorship  you will receive a photo of your cat, along with a description of the animal once your initial donation is received.  Individual Sponsorship = $150/year or $15/month.  Corporate Sponsorship = $200/year or $20/month.

Mail your donation to:

 Kitty Kompanion
Mid Hudson Animal Aid
54 Simmons Lane
Beacon, NY 12508
We thank you so very much for your generosity and support for our animals. If you have more questions  regarding the program, please visit us at the shelter or send an email to adding a subject of Kitty Kompanion.
NEW..  If you would like to enroll in the Kitty Kompanion  program using PayPal, you can do so below"
Kitty Kompanion
Kitty Kompanion
Thank You again For Your support.

54 Simmons Lane •  Beacon, NY 12508  •  (845) 831-4321 •  info [ at ]